Puppies at new homes and getting new names

Well, another beautiful girl puppy who we called Muffin was delivered to her new family in CT this weekend.  Each puppy is harder and harder to part with as they will always have a place in our hearts and we will miss their many kisses.  Photos are pouring in as well as stories about how all the puppies are adjusting nicely to their new homes and new families.  One of our girls is loved by a professional phptographer in California and she took an absolutely beautiful photo of her for her website :


The three boys that are here are amazing.  We love our big boys, Mickie,Sr. and Marty, and even though we have two of each sex we feel the boys are our gender of choice when it comes to personality and bonding.  The girls are much like cats but the boys are always like a puppy and attached to the hip.  Loyal and attentive beyond belief.  We know that the boy puppies will be so amazing as poodles always are when raised with love.  We are going to continue all the training of these boys until they find their special families that will love them forever.  We can't wait to see who those lucky families will be, especially the family that will get Mickie, Jr. as a show and breeding prospect.  He's got that special movement that wows the judges in the show ring and he also absolutely loves water so AKC water and retrieving will also be a great competition sport for him.

Munchkin, is the sweetest and kindest of the bunch and he can play and keep up with the best of them.  He also loves the water and has no problem sticking his nose into the water to retrieve his toys.  He's is very intelligent and agile and should take to agility like a champ.

MP has always been one of my favorites from day one because he is just a a big cuddle bug.  When he sits in my lap he just relaxes and loves to be petted and get belly rubs.  He's the cutest little guy and has the intelligence of a small child.  He also is very agile and has no problem knowing where his feet are and tackling any new toy or agility-type game I introduce.  He also loves the water and plays with the pool and hose spray.  His real forte will be loving a family and if you want to compete, he'd be a great prospect for rally.

They are all so special and as their personalities get more pronounced everyday it will be so easy to match them to the right families. They are ready and waiting and we are making sure each day with us is special and only making them better and better for their new family.

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