We are dog lovers first and big poodle fans located in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania (near Bethlehem).  We have always had dogs in our lives and Sue had poodles when she was young.  Our poodles are members of our families and live in our home.  We are dedicated to promoting the poodle breed both in the show ring, through canine companions, in donating blood for our local vet emergency center, and with a small breeding program and the offering of two quality stud dogs.  Our Champion stud dogs are fully health tested and both were analyzed on June 7, 2015, for potency and they both registered at 1 billion sperm (Congrats boys).  We have gold status with our veterinarians with excellent references.  We love showing our poodles in the AKC and UKC show rings, at local charity and dog events, and in parades.  Our poodles do everything with us including hiking, swimming, hunting, canine companion, and showing.  They go in the car when the weather permits and get lots of great reactions from the public.  They are great ambassadors for the breed.  We love our poodles!  We meet ALL of the standards of a professional breeder specified is this terrific article written by this pet rescue professional:

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