SOLD - This little buddy is a refined looker and has lots of heart and happiness.  He is fast and agile and has an amazing presence.  He loves to pose like the judge is watching and is one of the first to figure out new ways to play with the toys and his fellow littermates.  He is a very intuitive guy and would work well as a service dog or agility because he thinks outside the box.  He's so much fun to watch and so adorable.  He'll smother you with kisses morning, noon, and night.  Potty training almost 100%, up-to-date on shots and worming and lots of exercise, children and human interaction and fed Fromm puppy since beginning.


Our puppies are raised in the house and are exposed to scents before they open their eyes, the sound a vacuum, loud noises, sensitivity handling, and other training techniques for temperament development. When they are mobile, they are given many toys and obstacles in their play area to challenge them and expose them to many things they will encounter in real life situations. They are also exposed to water in a kiddie pool and many different humans.  At 6 weeks they start crate training and will begin sleeping in their crate at night. Temperament evaluations are conducted regularly and vet check, weigh-ins, and socialization are part of our program.