Marlee is Marty's daughter who is coming of age in 2021 and will be having her first litter in the summer/fall 2021 if she passes all her health testing.  We have not had a litter for over 4 years and we are thrilled to be able to finally enjoy puppies again.  We will announce the chosen stud dog as we get closer to her next heat cycle.  Thank you all for being so loyal to Michelet Standard Poodles and appreciating our efforts to provide quality, not quantity, in our breeding program.  Marlee has the same winning personality and love of humans that Marty has been know for passing on to his offspring.  She loves hunting and is even faster than her father.  When we are done with this pandemic I hope to enter her in AKC's Fastcat trials and Barn Hunting events. Marlee has already finished her genetic testing, Thyroid -clear, and Cardiac - clear, which is in the process of being posted on and we just need to do her physical evaluations and hips/elbows after she turns 2 y.o. in February.  Right now she is a participant in a clinical trial at Quakertown Vet (Tri-County Veterinarian Hospital).  We believe in participating in clinical trials and donating canine blood to make the world a better place for all our canine friends in the world.   Marlee's genetic diversity has been done through VGL.  Her IR is -0.04, Haplotype 1, DLA I = 1001, DLA II = 2001, Haplotype 2, DLA 1 = 1001, DLAII = 2001.  Photos and final testing report will be posted soon.  All health testing will be available on





 We do not use a name for our training because it is a program developed from years of dog ownership and training.  We live with our puppies 24-7 and they interact with us like family pets, As a result they are handled, trained, and cuddled throughout the day.  We believe in healthy sunlight so our puppies do get a few hours of outside play a day when old enough to absorb that precious vitamin D and work their little bodies into healthy, happy athletes. 

We introduce them to various people, including children, household noises and activities like vacuum cleaners, TVs, cooking, and adult dogs.  They always have toys and stimulating features in their indoor play area and we do larger play features like steps, 'dens/caves', water pool, hanging mobiles, balls, and lots of toys in their outside area. 

Puppies are evaluated at the time of birth for conformation and at 8-weeks for structure and temperament to determine the best future home and expectations for each puppy.  We reserve the right to pick of the litter for both sexes so commitment of puppies to their new owners will not happen until the 8-week evaluation based on Pat Hasting's protocol is completed. 

Puppies are vaccinated using the guidelines recommended by Dr. Jean Dobbs.  When the puppies are young we wash and dry once per week and start grooming for clean faces and feet at 4 weeks old.  Whenever we are cuddling with our puppies we massage their feet, play with opening their mouths, and prepare them for vet visits and handling.  Our puppies stay with us for at least 10 weeks and from 6-10 weeks we do crate training which give the puppies their own place to call home and rest.  This also helps the puppy learn potty training.  We will try to honor requests  for starting specific training during the last 2 weeks the puppy is with us and we know which puppy will become part of your family.

To give the puppy the best chance of being a valuable and loved member of your family our contract requires that our puppy owners enroll their puppy in an obedience class and complete the class course before 8 months.  Owners are also to continue the Jean Dobb's vaccination protocol and take their puppy to a Veterinarian within three business days after they pick up their puppy from us. Every puppy goes home with an thick educational folder, a toy and towel scented with the littermates and dame, a 4-day supply of their food, collar and leash, and their vaccination and vet record.  We are always available for any questions you may have but remember, we are not a vet, so call your vet first with any health concerns.  

We guarantee the puppy from genetic health issues per OFA's guidelines for 1 year from birth.  We reserve the right at all times and under all circumstances to choose to either refund 1/2 the treatment costs (minus insurance reimbursement) not to exceed the purchase price of the puppy or provide you with a replacement puppy if the puppy is returned to us.  That will be the guidelines and extent of our liability for any issues attributable to genetics health.  When the puppy leaves us it will have 30-days of health insurance coverage and we require that you continue to maintain that insurance to cover the diagnostic and treatment costs for your puppy whether due to genetic health issues or other issues or our genetic health guarantee is nullified and you will have no recourse. All my dogs are insured.

We will always be available to provide a home for your puppy if you cannot keep it.  Our protocol is strict for rehoming so you can rely on us.