To contact us, please use the email form below. You can also reach us directly at 610-248-9148.  If you want to be considered for a puppy this year, please fill out our puppy application.  We do not retire older dogs. They stay with us for life as they are part of our family.

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Our puppies are raised in the house and are exposed to scents before they open their eyes, the sound a vacuum, loud noises, sensitivity handling, and other training techniques for temperament development. When they are mobile, they are given many toys and obstacles in their play area to challenge them and expose them to many things they will encounter in real life situations. They are also exposed to water in a kiddie pool and many different humans.  At 6 weeks they start crate training and will begin sleeping in their crate at night. Temperament evaluations are conducted regularly and vet check, weigh-ins, and socialization are part of our program.