Hi Sue,
Belle is wonderful!  :-)  She is so well adjusted!  She slept over half the trip home in the kennel on top of Andrew's arm.  :-)  She did throw up once on the trip but had no trouble settling to eat about 45 min. after we arrived home.  She had only two accidents yesterday but for such a large adjustment that is fantastic!  She is getting many kisses and play in between naps.  She cried a little when I put her in the crate last night so I put a blanket down on the floor next to the crate and lay there for a while until she was settled (only about 10 min. before she was asleep) then I crawled into bed.  She made it through the night until 5:15 this morning without having an accident!  Thanks for all your great care and socialization!  We are so happy to have her!  :-)

Take care,

Seneca has been such a joy.  She is a mascot at our bed and breakfast and everyone loves her.  Our guests sign up to take her for walks and she is very popular.  She gets compliments all the time for her beauty and sweet disposition.  Thank You for such a wonderful poodle.

Just to let you know, Roxy had a good night, she spent the day getting to know our dog Snowy, went for a walk in the woods and even "asked" to go out and go potty!  She is quite exhausted now and sleeping soundly.  

Hi Sue,

I've been meaning to send this to you. Polly is growing big and strong.  I've just about taught her to ring a bell to let me know when she needs to go out.
Claudia Rosen

Hi Sue,
Just wanted to let you know that Belle is wonderful!  She is graduating from her first puppy socialization class this week.  We will start another class at the end of October.  She is smart, strong, healthy, beautiful, and wonderful!  She is friends with all dogs and people she meets.  She loves kids!  She is a neighborhood favorite!  She is walking well on a loose leash, knows basic skills, and goes many places with me.  I just wish I could take her to school everyday!  She gets to go to "doggie daycare" everyday at her grandmother's house...who is loving every minute with her and, most likely spoiling her rotten behind my back!  :-)

I wanted you to know that I changed her name.  The AKC would not accept "Je" in any name so I was not able to name her "Je Suis Ma Mere."  I loved the idea, though! So I change it to "she is her mother," so she is officially Michelet Belle Elle Est Sa Mere.

I hope you are doing well.  We enjoyed meeting with you and getting to visit with you.  Thanks again for Belle.  We are so happy with her!


Hi SueJust wanted to let you know happy we are with our new boy Mason.
He has helped to fill the hole in our hearts left when Simon passed.
He's a real love. We feel truly blessed.
He is growing like crazy and full of mischief.
Carly our mixed terrier, also loves her new brother.
Thank you
Marcia and Rick

Thank you again for everything she is such a great dog were so lucky to have her. Here's Lela in her new cut taken on August 29th.

Dr. Littlejohn was very pleased with the puppies today. They are mine and I won't be bringing them back to you!!!  
Did you see my texts today from the dog park. They are so beautiful. People have been stopping me on the street to admire them. Today one woman was so taken with them that she sat down right on the sidewalk to pet them! Also met a dog groomer on the street and a dog walker. Plus some neighbors I didn't know before. My photos of them on FB get lots of likes!