Marty - Amandi's Marty Michelet

I am on pins and needles.  Marty is at his first AKC show this week in Richmond with his handler and this is the culmination of 8 months of prepping his coat for the show ring.  He is competing against 23 other poodles so I'm not expecting much.  In fact, I'll be happy to hear he worked the ring well.  That will make me really happy since it will be a very daunting first time experience for him.  His handler, Michael Pawasarat, says he should do fine and he is ready.  He certainly knows best since he's been doing this for decades including many time to Westminister Dog Show and PCA shows.  My prayers are going out to my little buddy.  I'll know tomorrow morning after his first show.  Do well little Marty!!!!

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