Marty will be a daddy again! Gladystar Poodles may have puppies available after satisfying the waiting list! (Available April, 2019). When we do not have puppies we can recommend someone who does. We are in E. PA, near NY, NJ, MD, and Philadelphia

Photograph is copyrighted - reproduction or use without written authorization is prohibited.

Photograph is copyrighted - reproduction or use without written authorization is prohibited.

AKC UKC CH Amandi's Marty Michelet - "Marty"


January, 17, 2019 Latest news:  Marty is going to be a proud "puppy litter" father again in a repeat breeding.  The first breeding with Berta, of Gladystar Poodles (through chilled ship) produced 5 puppies but most importantly the one kept by the breeder, Gerard, became an AKC GrCH before 10 months old.  He also received his first level trick dog title and started on the birds/hunting training and agility training, picking them both up quickly and naturally. 

 AKC Grand Champion 

GCH CH Gladystar Slopestyle Trickster TKI  - "Gerard"
           Photograph is copyrighted - reproduction or use without written authorization is prohibited.


We plan to each keep a beautiful female from this litter.  Marty's girl from the Murrmaid litter is living with my daughter in Florida and we plan to breed her to a beautiful boy from Stone Run this year if all her health testing clears her for breeding.  Stone Run was founded by Connie Unger who owns the #1 poodle in the country, Siba.  Siba is currently showing and has won multiple Best In Shows and will be competing at Westminster Dog Show 2019 in February.  Be sure to watch it on TV and breed classes (poodle competitions) can be seen on the internet.

2017   ANNOUNCEMENT, Marty is a proud daddy of two beautiful litters, one at Gladystar Poodles in Wisconsin and one at Murrmaid Poodles in Conestoga, PA.  Our thanks to these two long-time breeders for choosing Marty as the sire.  Joy, of Murmaid, is a long-time renowned breeder of standards and minis and does health testing and showing.  She has shown her poodles at Westminster and done very well. John, of Gladystar, breeds for all-around performance dogs that compete in conformation, agility, hunting/field trials, and trick dog.   

 2013 Woo-Hoo.... Marty, Amandi's Marty Michelet, is an AKC Champion under the wonderful grooming and handling of Crystal and Paul Clas.  He was awarded back-to-back majors in one weekend by very renowned judges to complete his requirements for champion.  Now he is living the life in a shorter haircut at our home and loving all the attention from his family.  We will be compiling a video of his show career and you can see his photos from his Champion weekend on his page.  He is available for stud to approved dames.

Both of our stud dogs, Marty and Mickie, are descended from ACK CH JC Pioneer Kaiser.  JC Pioneer Kaiser was named the #1 standard poodle in 2003.  He was honored with an invite and competed at the Westminster Dog Show in 2004.  As an excellent example of a poodle that meets the PCA standards for poodles he was honored with a coveted placement on the cover of THREE Poodle Variety magazine issues.  Pro Plan dog food also used his image on their products.  This wonderful poodle was the whole package.    We are especially excited about Marty's prospects because he shares some common pedigree with London, the current "AKC Century BIS Champion - 100 BIS wins".  

See photo page for photos and videos of our last litter out of Mickie. Michelet Poodles is based in Eastern Pennsylvania near NY, NJ, MD, and Philadelphia.  We are a responsible breeder of just one or two litters of Standard Poodles per year.  Please note:  We do not support the doodle fad and will not sell a puppy to anyone who supports the breeding of poodles to other breeds.  It is a big no-no in our books.  Established in 2008 we produce and show quality Standard Poodles for the AKC show ring, pet homes, and AKC Parti-Standard Poodles that compete in the UKC Show ring.  We focus on temperament, conformation, agility, versatility, and structural soundness. We practice a strict protocol of health testing, exercise for our poodles and breeding for the best attributes for the poodle breed.  We are members of Lehigh Valley Poodle Club, UKC, and AKC Canine Good Citizen Program.  Our poodles are members of our family and live with us in our home.  Our poodles’ lifestyle includes lots of swimming, hiking, hunting, socialization, cuddling, and playing. 

We have two beautiful stud dogs in our home.  Marty,  (7 years old), AKC CH Amandi's Marty Michelet, is an AKC Champion.   He has completed his health testing and has been awarded his CHIC #.  His final hip rating by OFFA was "Good", one of the highest ratings you can get.  He is a stunning, refined black poodle.  He is available for stud service to approved breeders interested in quality, solid poodles.  He has clear eyes, clear NE and VwD, has rated "good" for hips and elbow (unsedated), clear cardio, and clear thyroid.  A terrific testament to the dedication to health testing is that 100% of Marty's littermates have been health tested (all of them had good or excellent hip ratings) and most of Mickie's half-siblings have been health tested.  Several of Marty and Mickie's littermates have also been awarded their CHIC #.  Both our studs participate in poodle genetic research projects through PCA and Marty has donated blood to our local emergency animal hospital.  
Mickie, silver and white, (9 years old), UKC Ch Amandi's Mickie Michelet, was the sire of our last litter and is available for stud to breeders interested in multicolored-poodles.  He is fully health tested and has been awarded his CHIC #.  He is a proven stud with 32 beautiful puppies on the ground and over five of his puppies are show prospects for the UKC show ring and AKC agility competitions (AKC does not allow partis in the conformation ring).  We receive ongoing updates on his puppies from their loving families and the reviews have been terrific.  All of Mickie and Marty's health testing results are on their pages and everything was clear and good.  They are health tested annually every June at the Lehigh Valley PCA clinic (sometimes it take time for me to post the latest results) where they get a CERF exam from a Penn Vet and any other tests I want repeated annually. 

We're happy to answer any questions you may have about Standard Poodles and mentor our buyers of our puppies through the process of raising a great addition to your family.
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Latest News

Summer is Just Around the Corner 

This summer is almost here and the long winter, with too much snow and ice, is a memory.  Marty and Mickie just visited the Straws to Paws Reproduction center in NJ this last week and their semen came through with flying colors.  Both registered a "billion" count and we saved frozen semen for future use.  We are so proud of our boys.  Marty and I went to PCA's Specialty Show 2015 in Maryland and enjoyed the week of seeing old poodle friends and meeting many new friends.  It's always the most exciting week with lots of poodle eye candy to go around.  It is so much fun cheering on our friends' poodles and to see which ones rise to the top.  I was going to have Marty in the Parade of Champions but missed the entry deadline due to tax return obligations and work.  Luckily, I found out we are eligible for the parade every year so next year we will be sure to meet the deadline.  Congratulations to everyone!

2015 - Happy New Year! Happy New Puppy Year! 

Puppies will be coming this year by our stud dogs.  The poodle world here at Michelet Poodles is enjoying the cold but relatively mild winter (meaning low snow amounts so far) here north of Philly and west of New York City.  Requests are coming in to breed with Marty, CH Amandi's Marty Michelet, who will begin his stud career this year.  He looks like he has a lot of dates lined up this year.  I'm suspecting his great front and fine features are the desirable traits that breeders are looking for in their future lines.  His feet align nicely under his shoulders which is something we love in his structure.  He is very square and balanced, and moves like a dream.  We are keeping him groomed in a Saddle Trim so he can look good for the Parade of Champions at PCA 2015 in April, the national poodle specialty show.

Mickie, UKC CH Amandi's Mickie Michelet, is winding down his stud career with an exciting breeding this spring to a beautiful tuxedo girl.  They should be a terrific match and if all goes well the babies are expected by May.  Their human mom is an OB/GYN Doctor and has years of experience "whelping" humans and canines so they should be in terrific hands.  We will meet the family this weekend when they come to visit us for lunch.  I can't wait to see these puppies as this will be the first dual parti-factored mating Mickie has had.  They should be beautiful and have the really sweet personalities of the sire and dame.  It doesn't get any better than this.

It was fun having the human children home for the holidays and the Christmas celebrations were full of joy. We hope you all enjoyed the holidays and have great plans for 2015.  We sure do.


Well this has been one of the most beautiful fall seasons I have ever seen.  The leaves were radiant and lasted a really long time, in fact, we still have a lot of color around here.  Marty is showing for Majors now and I'm following him around to the shows.  He was at Bloomsburg, The National Dog Show, and will be in Maryland, Springfield, Valley Forge, and Lehigh Valley soon.  He is getting his stride in the ring and has matured so much since this summer.  His coat is getting so full and thick and he just loves Michael, our handler.  Go Marty!  My other dogs, Missie, Melanie, and Mickie, are enjoying all the cool weather and hunting fall critters.  To my chagrin they got a woodchuck a few weeks ago.  Noone can ever say poodles aren't hunting dogs.  Beware all of you who think they are "puffy", they will surprise you every day.  Keeping them groomed in this changing weather is always challenging but it gets done.  They can't wait to go up to the mountains for their fall retreat with me soon.  Then they can swim all day and play in the mud. I just got photos of Mickie's puppies from his second litter and they are so adorable.  Check them out on the welcome page.  He sure throws beautiful babies.   Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Empty House Syndrome 

All the puppies are settled in their new homes and the owners are sending me updates and photos all the time.  I'm so thrilled for the puppies as they all found such loving families.  It was interesting to watch the selection process as each pup choose or instinctively knew who their new family would be.  Some were the first to give kisses. Some ran to their new family before any of the other pups, looking to be picked up and claimed.  Some were chosen when they were so young and yet still it was a match made in Heaven.  I am so happy to get reports that all the puppies love water because that was a goal of mine.  I worked with them with water everyday and kept a shallow pool in their play area where they could cool off and play whenever they wanted to learn to be water dogs.  The photos I'm getting, see posts under testimonials, show how nice they are looking and how bonded they have become to their new families and their new families to them.  So, even though the house is so quiet without the little pups and my evenings have been given back to me so I can enjoy my big babies, I can be happy in knowing that my family did a job well done.  Thank You all for having confidence in Mickelet Poodles.

Puppies at new homes and getting new names 

Well, another beautiful girl puppy who we called Muffin was delivered to her new family in CT this weekend.  Each puppy is harder and harder to part with as they will always have a place in our hearts and we will miss their many kisses.  Photos are pouring in as well as stories about how all the puppies are adjusting nicely to their new homes and new families.  One of our girls is loved by a professional phptographer in California and she took an absolutely beautiful photo of her for her website :

The three boys that are here are amazing.  We love our big boys, Mickie,Sr. and Marty, and even though we have two of each sex we feel the boys are our gender of choice when it comes to personality and bonding.  The girls are much like cats but the boys are always like a puppy and attached to the hip.  Loyal and attentive beyond belief.  We know that the boy puppies will be so amazing as poodles always are when raised with love.  We are going to continue all the training of these boys until they find their special families that will love them forever.  We can't wait to see who those lucky families will be, especially the family that will get Mickie, Jr. as a show and breeding prospect.  He's got that special movement that wows the judges in the show ring and he also absolutely loves water so AKC water and retrieving will also be a great competition sport for him.

Munchkin, is the sweetest and kindest of the bunch and he can play and keep up with the best of them.  He also loves the water and has no problem sticking his nose into the water to retrieve his toys.  He's is very intelligent and agile and should take to agility like a champ.

MP has always been one of my favorites from day one because he is just a a big cuddle bug.  When he sits in my lap he just relaxes and loves to be petted and get belly rubs.  He's the cutest little guy and has the intelligence of a small child.  He also is very agile and has no problem knowing where his feet are and tackling any new toy or agility-type game I introduce.  He also loves the water and plays with the pool and hose spray.  His real forte will be loving a family and if you want to compete, he'd be a great prospect for rally.

They are all so special and as their personalities get more pronounced everyday it will be so easy to match them to the right families. They are ready and waiting and we are making sure each day with us is special and only making them better and better for their new family.

Horray for Marty 

First big show weekend for Marty and he achieved two BOW and two points towards his chanpionship status.  It was so much fun seeing him in the ring on Sunday and strutting his stuff.  He looked magnificent.  Can't wait to see the photos from the professional photographer!!!  Go Marty!!!

The Excitement With the Poodles 

Our puppies have made it to the wonderful age of 12 weeks (well, on Tuesday they will be 12).  Almost fully potty trained they are learning by leaps and bounds.  This week we will start leash training with each one and some sit and stay commands.  Every day Lou takes them for a long walk up the driveway like the Pied Piper.  It's so cute and he captured them on video so check it out under the puppies link. He also plays with them a lot with water and they all love the water now.  They are so easy to bath in their weekly bath.  No protests at all. One of the girls is going to her new family on Thursday and I am so excited for her because she definitely will be spoiled in her new home.  Her douting new moma is taking 5 days off to be with her and she has three people, a dog walker, a maid, and a gardener who will take care of her when her mom is at work.  How cool of a life is that? 

Mickie, our sire of the puppies, just got a big reconition for his complete health testing by being awarded a CHIC from OFA.  Marty, our show dog, has been doing really well at the AKC show in Harrisburg this weekend.  He has finally put together all his training and amazing looks and gotten some really great ribbons and I believe his first point towards his championship.  We are going to see him today while our son and daughter holds the fort with the puppies.  Trust me, I will be filming him today.  These are the ribbons he was awarded: 
Purple and White - awarded to the Reserve Winners; that is, the runners-up to the winner of the Winners Dog and Winners Bitch classes.
Purple - awarded to the winners of the Winners Dog and Winners Bitch classes. Since these are the classes in which championship points are earned, these ribbons are highly coveted.
Blue and White - awarded to the dog that wins Best of Winners; that is, the better of the Winners Dog and Winners Bitch winners.

I can't wait to see what today's competitions bring since he has finally figured out his way around the show ring.  Thanks to Michael for getting him to this point.

Well, have to go and get ready for the dog show.  Have a great day!

Puppies at 10 weeks 

Well, I did a lot of research and asked a lot of questions and I have determined that it will be a good experience for the puppies to travel with me to the mountains.  They will play in the fresh air, learn new things, have lots of new people around, and most importantly, learn to swim. These are all great learning experiences for 11 week old puppies. There are three boys and one girl left.  The girl is silver and one of the boys is looking like he will be silver, also.  New photos have been posted.  A puppy that the owner will be picking up at the end of next week will be going up to the mountains with us to learn how to swim and experience new environments and people.  They will have a really good time and have lots of loving.   I got a little life jacket to use when we work with the puppies on swimming and a little play pen with a roof so they can be right next to us at night and with the other dogs.  They will be learning a new routine in a protected environment and it should really expand their horizons.  It should be a lot of fun. 

Marty, our show dog, is getting good reports from our handler.  He is learning to deal very well with distractions and bonding to Michael.  He wants to do nothing but please Michael and is working well on his show style and manners.  The proof will be in the pudding on the weekend of the ninth when he goes to the AKC show.

Marty- At Show Dog Training Camp 

Well, Marty, Amandi's Marty Michelet, is now at Michael's, our handler's, to get ready for an August show series.  His coat is ready and now we have to get his mind in the game to really work the show ring.  We have high hopes he puts it all together and wows the judges soon.  Michael has all the faith in the world in him so we are crossing our fingers and saying our prayers.  It takes so much time and comitment to get a poodle to the AKC show ring and for us it has been a labor of love for over 10 months.  We'll see.  Only time, and Marty, will tell.

Puppies, Puppies, Puppies 

Wow, puppies are a full-time job but totally worth it when you see a puppy connect with their forever family.  It is so hard to see them go but so much easier when you see the  love their new families have for these little babies.  So far all of the puppy families are repeat poodle owners, a testement to this wonderful breed.  That helps so much because I know they understand how to raise, train, and care for their poodles. We have had several families come close to taking two puppies because they can't choose but in the end the matches are made in heaven for everyone.  It's so amazing to see how owners gravitate to the personalities and traits that match their lifestyle and family.  They seem to instinctively pick the best fit for them out of the litter.  The one that loves to play fetch, the one that loves to sit on your lap, the one that gives kisses all the time (well that's all of them but some more than others), the expert at figuring things out and so agile for the agility family. It doesn't get any better than this.  Meanwhile the training continues.  Potty training is a priority and we are seeing great success.  We've woken up to three straight days of clean bedding and the puppies now know that they can "ask" to go out.  They do a little congo line out the door to their outside play area for lots of morning playtime before the heat sets in and they come inside for their nap.  We do weekly grooming, clipping face and feet, and nail care.  They have always been fed Fromm puppy and their coats are shiny and beautiful. 

Each puppy's individual personality and traits are coming out and that is fun to see.  They all love to be with us and flock to our feet when we go outside to play with them.  We have worked really hard using the "yelp" training technique to teach them manners so they learn not to chew on us or bite.  We also give lots of praise when we see them do something good so they know we are happy and they should do it again.  They are such an intelligent bunch and so willing to please. 

One of our pups is already chosen for an AKC show home and we evaluated the ramaining puppies and see at least two great show prospects in that group, a male and a female.  That is so exciting because we'd love to see them go to UKC or AKC show homes and eventually contribute to the breed.  With parents with such sweet personalities we are very supportive of these puppies going to approved show homes to see if the judges agree with us.  Their granddaddy has produced quite a few AKC show champions so it's not surprising these pups are looking so nice.

Well, I'm off to do more puppy care and to get more puppy kisses.  Have a terrific day!