Mickie is 9 years old and is a UKC CH.  He is fully health tested and has been awarded his CHIC #.  Hips, elbows, thyroid, heart, eyes, all checked by University of Penn vets and all tests are clear and normal.  NE and vWD clear.  DNA for AKC done and registered as required for sires.  His is athletic and likes to hunt, swim, play, fetch, dock dive, and travel.  He has an unusually low Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) which is not easy to find in a parti-poodle stud dog.  A low COI helps to produce puppies with a much lower risk of genetic health problems.  

Mickie has the sweetest temperament and groomers just love him but say it is sometimes difficult to groom him because he gives so many kisses while being groomed.  He loves the show ring and works the ring like all the great champions.  He has been awarded UKC Best Poodle in Show and has competed in the Group ring with success and ribbons.  He is a really special, sweet boy with a calm, loving and kind personality.  He is a proven sire with over 32 puppies on the ground. We are also watching one of his sons for show prospect in the east who floats like a dressage horse and is a real looker. 

Mickie is an easy breeder and is a gentleman to the ladies. He lives with our pet girls who are the boss over him and he has learned a lot of respect for them.  They have taught him to be a perfect gentleman.  He also lives and gets along with Marty, our other stud dog, with no problems.  They are best friends.  We require potential mates to be health tested, over 2 years of age, and have approved pedigree with low COI for potential puppies.  It is fairly easy for us to collect and ship semen for artificially insemination because of our proximity to Straws to Paws, Quakertown Vet, and other collection services. 

Mickie is descended from ACK CH JC Pioneer Kaiser.  JC Pioneer Kaiser was named the #1 standard poodle in 2003. He was honored with an invite and competed at the Westminster Dog Show in 2004.  As an excellent example of a poodle that meets the PCA standards he was honored with a coveted placement on the cover of THREE Poodle Variety magazine issues.  Pro Plan dog food also used his image on their products. This wonderful poodle was the whole package. 

Mickie has a low COI as follows:

Genetic information for UKC CH Amandi's Mickie Michelet


The COI (Coefficient of Inbreeding) is calculated up to a maximum of 12 generations. However, if a generation is found where fewer than 75% of the dogs in that generation are known, the calculation stops just short of that generation. So if all dogs are known in the 5th generation but only half of them are known in the 6th generation, a 5-generation COI will be calculated. For dogs with more than 10 generations of pedigree information available, a 10-generation COI is also calculated for comparison and statistical purposes.

The COI is calculated entirely from the pedigree information present in the database, so if there are inaccuracies in the pedigree, there will also be inaccuracies in the COI. I try to run the COI every Saturday. The calculations take about 14 hours to run. 

10-generation COI 2.75%
12-generation COI 3.87%

UKC CH Amandi's Mickie Michelet

UKC CH Siscos 5-Star Shake Rattle N Roll
UKC CH Sisco's All Shook Up
AM CH JC Pioneer's Kaiser TP
UKC CH JC Pioneer And Sisco's Mia
Sisco's Jc- Pioneer Whoopie-Do-Dah
Jc Pioneers Trade Secret
UKC CH Pioneer's Aurora
UKC CH 5-Star Merci Marsan
UKC CH Te-Awa's Razmataz Chaz 'Marsan
Sunset's Dressed T Kill
Sunset's Conversation Piece
Prodigy 'N Marsan's Stormy Monday
Prodigy 'N Marsan's Cruise Control
Prodigy's Cloud 9 From Kitsue


Link to OFFA.org for Mickie Health Testing.  His NE and vWD should be posted this week.