The Excitement With the Poodles

Our puppies have made it to the wonderful age of 12 weeks (well, on Tuesday they will be 12).  Almost fully potty trained they are learning by leaps and bounds.  This week we will start leash training with each one and some sit and stay commands.  Every day Lou takes them for a long walk up the driveway like the Pied Piper.  It's so cute and he captured them on video so check it out under the puppies link. He also plays with them a lot with water and they all love the water now.  They are so easy to bath in their weekly bath.  No protests at all. One of the girls is going to her new family on Thursday and I am so excited for her because she definitely will be spoiled in her new home.  Her douting new moma is taking 5 days off to be with her and she has three people, a dog walker, a maid, and a gardener who will take care of her when her mom is at work.  How cool of a life is that? 

Mickie, our sire of the puppies, just got a big reconition for his complete health testing by being awarded a CHIC from OFA.  Marty, our show dog, has been doing really well at the AKC show in Harrisburg this weekend.  He has finally put together all his training and amazing looks and gotten some really great ribbons and I believe his first point towards his championship.  We are going to see him today while our son and daughter holds the fort with the puppies.  Trust me, I will be filming him today.  These are the ribbons he was awarded: 
Purple and White - awarded to the Reserve Winners; that is, the runners-up to the winner of the Winners Dog and Winners Bitch classes.
Purple - awarded to the winners of the Winners Dog and Winners Bitch classes. Since these are the classes in which championship points are earned, these ribbons are highly coveted.
Blue and White - awarded to the dog that wins Best of Winners; that is, the better of the Winners Dog and Winners Bitch winners.

I can't wait to see what today's competitions bring since he has finally figured out his way around the show ring.  Thanks to Michael for getting him to this point.

Well, have to go and get ready for the dog show.  Have a great day!

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