Summer is Just Around the Corner

This summer is almost here and the long winter, with too much snow and ice, is a memory.  Marty and Mickie just visited the Straws to Paws Reproduction center in NJ this last week and their semen came through with flying colors.  Both registered a "billion" count and we saved frozen semen for future use.  We are so proud of our boys.  Marty and I went to PCA's Specialty Show 2015 in Maryland and enjoyed the week of seeing old poodle friends and meeting many new friends.  It's always the most exciting week with lots of poodle eye candy to go around.  It is so much fun cheering on our friends' poodles and to see which ones rise to the top.  I was going to have Marty in the Parade of Champions but missed the entry deadline due to tax return obligations and work.  Luckily, I found out we are eligible for the parade every year so next year we will be sure to meet the deadline.  Congratulations to everyone!

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