Puppies, Puppies, Puppies

Wow, puppies are a full-time job but totally worth it when you see a puppy connect with their forever family.  It is so hard to see them go but so much easier when you see the  love their new families have for these little babies.  So far all of the puppy families are repeat poodle owners, a testement to this wonderful breed.  That helps so much because I know they understand how to raise, train, and care for their poodles. We have had several families come close to taking two puppies because they can't choose but in the end the matches are made in heaven for everyone.  It's so amazing to see how owners gravitate to the personalities and traits that match their lifestyle and family.  They seem to instinctively pick the best fit for them out of the litter.  The one that loves to play fetch, the one that loves to sit on your lap, the one that gives kisses all the time (well that's all of them but some more than others), the expert at figuring things out and so agile for the agility family. It doesn't get any better than this.  Meanwhile the training continues.  Potty training is a priority and we are seeing great success.  We've woken up to three straight days of clean bedding and the puppies now know that they can "ask" to go out.  They do a little congo line out the door to their outside play area for lots of morning playtime before the heat sets in and they come inside for their nap.  We do weekly grooming, clipping face and feet, and nail care.  They have always been fed Fromm puppy and their coats are shiny and beautiful. 

Each puppy's individual personality and traits are coming out and that is fun to see.  They all love to be with us and flock to our feet when we go outside to play with them.  We have worked really hard using the "yelp" training technique to teach them manners so they learn not to chew on us or bite.  We also give lots of praise when we see them do something good so they know we are happy and they should do it again.  They are such an intelligent bunch and so willing to please. 

One of our pups is already chosen for an AKC show home and we evaluated the ramaining puppies and see at least two great show prospects in that group, a male and a female.  That is so exciting because we'd love to see them go to UKC or AKC show homes and eventually contribute to the breed.  With parents with such sweet personalities we are very supportive of these puppies going to approved show homes to see if the judges agree with us.  Their granddaddy has produced quite a few AKC show champions so it's not surprising these pups are looking so nice.

Well, I'm off to do more puppy care and to get more puppy kisses.  Have a terrific day!

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