Well this has been one of the most beautiful fall seasons I have ever seen.  The leaves were radiant and lasted a really long time, in fact, we still have a lot of color around here.  Marty is showing for Majors now and I'm following him around to the shows.  He was at Bloomsburg, The National Dog Show, and will be in Maryland, Springfield, Valley Forge, and Lehigh Valley soon.  He is getting his stride in the ring and has matured so much since this summer.  His coat is getting so full and thick and he just loves Michael, our handler.  Go Marty!  My other dogs, Missie, Melanie, and Mickie, are enjoying all the cool weather and hunting fall critters.  To my chagrin they got a woodchuck a few weeks ago.  Noone can ever say poodles aren't hunting dogs.  Beware all of you who think they are "puffy", they will surprise you every day.  Keeping them groomed in this changing weather is always challenging but it gets done.  They can't wait to go up to the mountains for their fall retreat with me soon.  Then they can swim all day and play in the mud. I just got photos of Mickie's puppies from his second litter and they are so adorable.  Check them out on the welcome page.  He sure throws beautiful babies.   Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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