Empty House Syndrome

All the puppies are settled in their new homes and the owners are sending me updates and photos all the time.  I'm so thrilled for the puppies as they all found such loving families.  It was interesting to watch the selection process as each pup choose or instinctively knew who their new family would be.  Some were the first to give kisses. Some ran to their new family before any of the other pups, looking to be picked up and claimed.  Some were chosen when they were so young and yet still it was a match made in Heaven.  I am so happy to get reports that all the puppies love water because that was a goal of mine.  I worked with them with water everyday and kept a shallow pool in their play area where they could cool off and play whenever they wanted to learn to be water dogs.  The photos I'm getting, see posts under testimonials, show how nice they are looking and how bonded they have become to their new families and their new families to them.  So, even though the house is so quiet without the little pups and my evenings have been given back to me so I can enjoy my big babies, I can be happy in knowing that my family did a job well done.  Thank You all for having confidence in Mickelet Poodles.

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